What Our clients are saying

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"Just wonderful, smiling faces and the best of all is the good food."
"My favorite part about Twin Lakes is the nice people who work there. We have never eaten so good in our lives. We get a lot of food we could normally not afford."
Gerald P.
"The people/volunteers are so cheerful & friendly. Coming here eases the stress of not being able to buy groceries."
"I love to come and feel the warm welcome of the staff. Twin Lakes helps me make it to the end of the month in a healthy way. Thank You."
C. C.
"My favorite part about Twin Lakes if the people. They have saved my life."
donald v.
"I like the staff, organic food/vegetables grown across the street. It's huge being able to eat healthy."
"I like how nice the volunteers are and the fresh produce and veggies."
Romaine A.
"The people are always so welcoming and don’t make us feel bad for coming to get free food. There is a stigma that goes along with that. I don’t feel that there. You all have provided this single mother with a means to feed her child."
Vanessa M.
"I’m glad they have food for me. I can’t afford food after I pay my bills. Love these people who help me."
toby s.
"The kind people that are always smiling. They have really helped out with supplies for school & food when we had nothing, so thank you!"
"I like the awesome people who serve here! TLFB has eased the strain of keeping food on the table!"
"My favorite part is getting things that will help feed myself and perhaps others that might come by hungry, and I always refer them to Twin Lakes Food Bank for help. It's always pleasant to be served and helped by people you can tell really do care that you do not go without."
michael g.
"I like the people, the faith. You guys have been such a blessing. Filling our bellies and our hearts! God bless you!"
Amanda I.
"I love the variety of foods given to us. Everyone is so friendly. It definitely helps us financially with our retirement check coming once a month. I'm able to eat more vegetables and fruits and meats that I wouldn't normally afford to buy. We are very grateful for this help. Thank you Twin Lakes Food Bank."
Linda E.
"My favorite part of coming to TLFB is to see some very nice people that help others for free. They always make sure they can help with anything you need or they give you papers where to go to get more help. "
"The people are very nice and helpful for our time in need. I don’t starve and it’s very helpful."
"Friendly staff, convenient and a blessing! They helped me to have food I cannot usually afford to purchase."
"I love the friendly people. They help me feed my family at the end of the month. Helps me keep my confidence."
Dee Dee
"My favorite part is the crew you have working Tuesday morning, this group of people are the most thoughtful. Polite and helpful. The Tuesday crew makes you feel welcome from the moment you sign in to the last person in fruits and vegetables."
"The food is the best. We are so blessed by these contributions."
Marsha S.
"My favorite part is the volunteers. Definitely having great food makes a big difference."
"My favorite is the people. I feel way blessed."
Cindy H.
"The volunteers are very helpful and friendly. They have made the possibility of hunger bearable and very resourceful. They lighten the burden of food and worry of past problems. Very needing of their generosity."
"The personnel's good spirit & good service with a smile! I eat so much healthier. Especially the good fruit & produce. Thank you so much! May God in heaven bless you all!"
Robert M.
"My favorite part is how they treat you with respect. They have made a huge difference."
"I like the good people who work friendly. They always make me feel comfortable and they have good food."
Brenda Y.
"I love the friendliness of the staff. I always feel welcome. Love the fresh veggies and fruits. Twin Lakes has made a huge difference – I just don’t have the money for groceries since my rent went up."
"Love it! If all we can be is kindness, that is just so much."
"The stuff is "Awesome Sauce." I've been coming here for eight years and there's so much love and support given. It has helped me with raising my grandchildren."
"My favorite part of coming to Twin Lakes Food Bank is the people who work here. God bless them. They help so many in need. Thank you!"
Carol V.