we are here to help

If you’re going through tough times or just need some additional assistance to make ends meet, 
Twin Lakes Food Bank can help.


Residents of Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and Granite Bay are eligible to receive groceries.

identification needed

On your first visit, you will need to provide an ID for yourself and all people living in your household. Acceptable IDs include Driver's License, Passport, Social Security Card, birth certificate, medical card, school ID, immunization record, or other picture ID. Copies or pictures on your mobile phone are acceptable. In order to add someone to your household after your first visit, ID must be provided.

Proof of address

At every visit, clients need to provide one proof of address. A proof of address is a document with your name, address, and date within the last 60 days. This is typically a piece of mail or utility bill. Access to documents on a smart phone is acceptable.

Please bring your reusable grocery bags to each visit.

Hours and Location

Full Food Service: Tuesdays-Thursdays, 9 AM-12:30 PM
Please arrive no later than 12:15 PM to allow time for service.

Limited Food Service:  Fridays, 10-11:30 AM
While supplies last.

327 Montrose Drive, Folsom, CA  
Park at Mt. Olive Church, 320 Montrose Drive