Board of Directors

Tovi Abello, Celeste Petersen, Ron Perry, Lisa Tuter (Executive Director), Ian Cornell, Libby Vincent, Rosario Rodriguez, Joe Cortes

President: Libby Vincent

Spiritual Director, Priest Associate
Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Treasurer: Tovi Abello
Corporate Finance, Micron Technology
Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Secretary: Celeste Petersen
Retired Analyst/Project Manager, Vision Service Plan
Foothills United Methodist Church
  • Member at Large:  Ian Cornell
Retired President, CornellGroup, Inc.
Lakeside Church
  • Member at Large:  Deb Goldsmith

Community Volunteer
Trinity Episcopal Church

  • Member at Large:  Julie Lundquist
Community Volunteer
Vintage Grace
  • Member at Large:  Darlene Long

Director of Strategic Business, Operations, Logistics and Local Outreach, Bayside
Bayside Church Folsom

  • Member at Large:  Desmond Manford

Human Resources Manager, Berlin Packaging
Bayside Church Folsom

  • Member at Large:  Nicholas Nealon
Director of Communications, Lakeside Church
Lakeside Church Folsom